HCC, Inc. Earns Prestigious AEM Advocacy GOLD Award for Outstanding Industry Advocacy in 2023

Mendota, IL. 12/2023 – In recognition of its outstanding efforts in championing industry advocacy, HCC proudly announced that it has been conferred with the coveted AEM Advocacy GOLD Award for the year 2023. The accolade, bestowed by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), underscores HCC’s steadfast commitment to advancing the policy priorities of the industry through active participation in AEM’s grassroots advocacy program, I Make America, and various other advocacy initiatives.

The AEM Advocacy Program serves as a benchmark for recognizing and celebrating member companies that actively engage in advocacy efforts, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the industry. HCC not only participated wholeheartedly in the I Make America program but also demonstrated exceptional dedication in advancing the industry’s policy goals through various advocacy channels.

AEM’s Annual Conference, the premier gathering for industry leaders, provided the ideal platform for acknowledging HCC’s achievement. The organization was recognized among its peers, receiving the AEM Advocacy GOLD Award in front of an esteemed audience comprising industry stakeholders, policymakers, and fellow AEM members.

Commenting on the achievement, Mark Lamboley, Director of Sales and New Business Development at HCC, expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the organization’s unwavering commitment to advocating for the industry’s interests. “HCC is honored to receive the AEM Advocacy GOLD Award. This recognition reflects our team’s dedication to actively participating in advocacy efforts that shape the future of our industry. We believe in the power of collaboration and engagement to address the challenges and opportunities facing our sector,” said Mark.

The AEM Advocacy GOLD Award not only acknowledges HCC’s current achievements but also serves as a testament to its long-standing commitment to making a positive impact on industry-related policy discussions. As the organization continues to evolve, HCC remains dedicated to advocating for policies that foster innovation, sustainability, and growth within the industry.

The HCC Inc team accepting the AEM Advocacy GOLD Award in 2023