With our SieveSense™ combine sensor, farmers can experience a revolutionary change in their work processes and increase their crop yield.

AG Equipment

Welcome to HCC, the leading designer and manufacturer of combine reels, combine sieves, and combine chaffers. We specialize in building high-quality ag equipment that is utilized by OEM’s but are also available to farmers right on the farm.

For over 140 years, HCC has been manufacturing dependable and efficient combine reels for our customers. Our combine reels are designed with advanced engineering and upgraded components, resulting in a reel with fewer parts, stronger components, greater visibility, and are lighter weight. 

With HCC’s combine reel enhancements, you can improve performance in a variety of crops and get more grain to the header. Our Flip Combine Reel Kit and Paddle tines are a few examples of the tools we have to help you get more from your combine reels. They improve performance, reduce downtime, and increase the effectiveness of crop movement. 

Additionally, HCC manufactures a variety of reel tines to put more grain in the hopper and match most reels on the market.

Another product that we are excited to introduce is SieveSense™, a hyper-accurate louver position sensor that enables automatic combine cleaning shoe adjustments. This small sensor can account for variable crop conditions, terrain environments, and cleaning shoe loading conditions, resulting in increased crop harvesting efficiency for today’s farmers.

At HCC, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality ag equipment that will help them operate more efficiently and effectively. We are proud of our specialized manufacturing capabilities and our ability to provide our customers with the best possible products right on the farm.