Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: HCC Inc. Marks 10 Years of Success in Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil – November, 2023

HCC Inc., a leading name in the steel fabrication industry, is thrilled to announce a momentous occasion – the celebration of its 10th anniversary in Curitiba, Brazil.
Over the past decade, HCC Inc. has been committed to delivering high-quality solutions, becoming synonymous with excellence and innovation in complex steel fabrication.
As we commemorate this milestone, HCC Inc. expresses heartfelt gratitude to its valued clients, dependable partners, dedicated suppliers, and the hardworking employees who have been integral to its journey. The company’s vision extends beyond the borders of Curitiba, reaching towards continued excellence in the Brazilian market and beyond.

Investing in Growth: HCC Inc. Focuses on Curitiba and Its Workforce

Looking ahead, HCC Inc. reaffirms its commitment to Curitiba by making strategic investments in the region. With a dedicated workforce of 100 employees, the company aims to build on its success, fostering growth, and providing unwavering support to its customers.

HCC Inc. is excited about the future and remains dedicated to its mission of setting new standards in steel fabrication. Here’s to another decade of success, innovation, and collaborative achievements!

To mark this auspicious occasion, we invite you to view a special video that captures the essence of our team.